Year 9 Science – Do you have enough light?

Image source Tuesday September 11 Learning intentions To investigate the light levels in various parts of the school and compare these levels with the Australian Standards. Success criteria You will be able to describe how the lighting in the school relates to the levels set in the Australian Standards. Links to AusVELS: Planning and conducting: … Continue reading

Year 7 Maths – Playground Project

Monday September 10th Learning intentions: Today you will learn how to use perimeter and area to calculate the play ground area of Hawkesdale College. Success criteria: You will understand how to use perimeter and area in a real life situation. Links to VELS: At Level 5, students measure length, perimeter, and area using suitable units … Continue reading

Keeping an eye on learning.

Another busy week at school this week. This week the year 7 students dissected sheeps eyeballs as part of our science unit on light. Some of the students elected to stand this one out and use a plastic model but the majority of the class participated in this activity. I am so proud of this … Continue reading

Year 7 science – Mirror, Mirror

Image source Friday September 7th teachingfantasticscience(at) Learning objectives: To understand images are formed in a mirror and to reinforce light concepts. Success criteria: You will be able to describe how images are formed. Links to VELS: Investigating, analysing and evaluating a scientific concept. Context: We see ourselves reflected in a mirror when we are brushing … Continue reading

Year 7 Maths – Round Robin.

Image source Thursday September 6th. Learning intentions: You will discover how to use the information you gained while working on polygons. Success criteria: You will be able to link the theory behind polygons, perimeter and area with some of their uses in real life. Links to VELS: Students will construct mathematical models to explore and … Continue reading

Year 9 science – Research project

Image source Friday September 7th. Report is due Friday 14th September. Send to: Learning intentions: To understand that human senses are limited to only part of the sound range and electromagnetic spectrum. You will discover that animals have different sensory perceptions than humans and that a human’s senses can be enhanced with a range … Continue reading

Year 7 – Getting an eyeball full.

Image source Tuesday Sept 4th Learning intention: Today you will learn the┬áparts that make up the eye and what role these parts play in allowing us to see the world around us. Success criteria: You will be able to name all the parts of the eyeball, what they are for and how they work. Links … Continue reading