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ICT in the classroom

Image source: 31 October. We are going to link up with Britt Gow from Hawkesdale College who is going to talk with us about the use of ICT in the classroom. It should be very informative. This session was recorded. You can access it here. Britt’s toolbox can be found here. Thanks Britt for an … Continue reading

One of the reasons I love science.

Image Source   How cool is science? You have to check this out! Is this the way of the future? There is now a process where excess electricity produced during the ‘wrong time’, (say at night when the demand is lower) in air! Yes, I did say air. How is this so, I hear you say. Weeellllll, … Continue reading

A good time was had…

Thursday September 20 by all. Well maybe not, but I did try to bring fun into the classroom. My time at Hawkesdale P12 College came to an end on Tuesday. I miss it terribly and I find myself thinking of my mentor and the students I taught a lot. I’m sure over time this will diminish … Continue reading

Three cheers for common sense

Image source September 11 2012 Super trawler good news! The newly renamed Abel Tasman was told today that they are not allowed to ply their trade on our waters for at least two years, during which time research will be conducted into the environmental effects these huge fishing boats have on our fisheries. Eighteen thousand … Continue reading

Keeping an eye on learning.

Another busy week at school this week. This week the year 7 students dissected sheeps eyeballs as part of our science unit on light. Some of the students elected to stand this one out and use a plastic model but the majority of the class participated in this activity. I am so proud of this … Continue reading

Tripping the light fantastic.

Image source Friday August 31st. Wow, what a time I have had working with the year 7 and 9 students. These past two weeks have just flown by. Both classes have been learning about light and using light boxes the students have been discovering how the light spectrum influences the way we see light. The … Continue reading

Australian Museum presentation – Life in Freshwater.

This morning at Hawkesdale P12 College, we had a polycon session with the Australian Museum. This session called ‘Life in Freshwater’ covered catchments, river issues, water quality testing and ways to improve the health of our freshwater environments. The year 7’s learnt that rivers flow from an upper catchment, where the water is usually at its … Continue reading