Hi and welcome to my blog,

I am a Graduate Teacher who loves science, maths and teaching, though not always in that order. This blog is to not only a place where I can share my love for science but also a place where I can communicate with my students. This blog is designed to be a resource for both my students and their parents.

I studied for my Grad. Dip. Ed. at the University of Ballarat and my (awsesome and very valuable) placements were at Brauer College and Hawkesdale P-12 College. It was a great year and I made some fab friends and met some lovely people. I would like to thank all my peeps for their never ending support (you know who you are), I could not have done it without. I wish you all the best for your teaching careers.

I would like to thank Daryl , Andrea, Britt and Anne for all their help, support and encouragement not only during my placements but also as I find my feet as a teacher. I was blessed to have you all as my mentors and friends, you guys are the best. 🙂

Please feel free to visit and leave comments.

Thanks for visiting,

Dellas Bos.


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