One of the reasons I love science.

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How cool is science? You have to check this out!

Is this the way of the future? There is now a process where excess electricity produced during the ‘wrong time’, (say at night when the demand is lower) in air! Yes, I did say air. How is this so, I hear you say. Weeellllll, first the water and CO2 is removed from the air and the remaining is then chilled and stored until it is needed in a vacuum flask. When the energy is needed, the air is bought up to ambient temperature and during this process the energy released is used to drive a turbine.

Sure, it is only 70% efficient, compared to a battery which is 80% efficient, but this process is one which does not use combustion and there is no use of potential rare materials or problems of waste disposal. There is still some work to do, but how exciting is this discovery? An energy storage system which doesn’t harm the environment, BRING IT ON! Perhaps we will be able to use this type of storage in our own homes sometime in the future.

I repeat, how cool is science?


2 thoughts on “One of the reasons I love science.

  1. An exciting new technological development Dellas – thanks for sharing! The wind turbines have started spinning at the Macarthur Wind Farm, just down our road. And the Penshurst Wind Farm is in the planning and development stages. We will be surrounded by renewable energy soon!

    • I thought the news was too good not to share.

      I know that wind turbines arn’t popular but I’m really pleased that the wind turbines have started and new ones are on the way. I wouldn’t mind them over my back fence, it would beat the rusting cars any day!

      How’s school going? I think of you all often.

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