Year 9 science – Rounding off the unit.

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Tuesday September 17

Learning intentions:

To understand what Australian Standards are and how they are used using an authentic research activity.

Success criteria:

You will be able to explain what Australian Standards are and how they relate to the light levels at Hawkesdale College.

Links to AusVELS:

Students will communicate scientific ideas and information for a particular purpose.


As students you spend a lot of time in different areas of Hawkesdale College and the light in these areas can affect the way you learn. If there is insufficient light your eyes may be straining to see and if the light levels are too high you may develop a headache. The light levels in the different areas of the school need to reflect the way the area is utilised. Australian Standards are set so that the light levels in each area of the school are at adequate levels for its use.

Today’s tasks:

  • Submit your supersenses project.
  • Complete the “Do you have enough light” activity.
  • Complete the student survey on this blog.

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