Year 7 Maths – Transforming your mind

Learning intentions:

You will learning about isometric transformations. You will learn the difference between a translation, rotation and a reflection.

Success criteria:

You will be able to explain what isometric transformations and describe the differences between translation, rotation and reflection.

Links to AusVELS:

Location and transformation: describe translations.


You are designing a house in kahoots. The design for the barbeque area was one of the first sections that you completed. Coming back to it later you decided that you would rather have the barbeque area at the side of the house rather than the back so you highlight the area and move it to the side of the house. This type of movement is termed Translation.

The swimming pool in the backyard of the house is not working. You like the shape, a S, but you want to turn it around so you select the pool and ‘flip’ it. This is called Reflection.

You decide that you like the layout of the kitchen but it just too small so after grouping all the objects you drag it until it is twice the original size. This is called Dilate.

Finally you games room is set up exactly how you would like it but then you realise that having the windows on that side of the room means you would be getting all the afternoon light reflecting off your big screen television. So you ‘spin’ the room around 180 degrees. This is called Rotation.

Today’s task:

1. Learn how to convert metres squared to centimetres squared.

2. You will be drawing the letters of your first name on a piece of graph paper then transforming each letter so that you get a representative of translation, reflection, dilation and rotation.


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