Year 7 Maths – How much area do the playgrounds use?

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Wednesday September 12

Learning intentions:

To learn how to calculate the area of the playground areas of Hawkesdale College and to learn how to draw scale drawing.

Success criteria:

You will be able to draw to scale the playgroung areas that you measured and you will be able to explain how much area the playground cover in the school grounds.

Links to VELS:

As students work towards the achievement of Level 5 standards in Mathematics, they construct mathematical models to explore and describe the physical world. In Measurement, chance and data, students use metric units tomeasure length, perimeter and area. Students will convert units into larger or smaller units. Thew will use the area formula to work out the area of the playgrounds.

Today’s task:

We will be continuing on with the Playground Project.

  • Drawing to scale drawings of the playgrounds that you measured.
  • Calculating the perimeter and area of your playgrounds and collecting data from the other two groups.
  • Calculating the total perimeter and area of the playgrounds (are the measurements for this best calculated in meters or centimeters?)
  • Comparing the total playground area with the total area of the school. The area of the school ground is approximately 2,152 meters square.

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