Three cheers for common sense

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September 11 2012

Super trawler good news!

The newly renamed Abel Tasman was told today that they are not allowed to ply their trade on our waters for at least two years, during which time research will be conducted into the environmental effects these huge fishing boats have on our fisheries.

Eighteen thousand tonnes of mackerel and red bait fish is the figure touted to be caught by this vessel in our waters. I knew these numbers were huge but it wasn’t until I saw the footage on the ABC news that I realised how huge. The size of the nets are said to be 600 metres long. To put this into perspective, the length of the hallowed turf at the MCG is, fence to fence, 173.6 metres. How many individual fish, not to mention non target species, will this trawler take from our waters, and where are they going?

Small trawler owners, both here and overseas, have been given catch limits to protect our fish stocks. It simply would not have made sense to allow this trawler fish our waters without some indepth research. Let’s cross our fingers that this boat is never allowed to fish in our waters.


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